Selected especially for you

The past two years have made us realise what is most important to us. And that makes you appreciate it even more. Flowers fresh from the grower, a trip to the florist and small gestures.

Mother’s Day preparations are in full swing to make sure that every mother – or mother figure – will receive what she justly deserves!



The flowers at Lisianthus grower Lugt are selected with the greatest care imaginable.

At least four steps are needed to prepare the field where the Lisianthus will be planted. After this, there are four more steps to complete before the flowers are ready for sale.













The peony is also a typical Mother’s Day flower. Its beautiful, sweet-scented petals emit an intense fragrance that makes you dream of romantic, faraway places. When peonies are in bloom, this experience is even more intense. The people at the My Peony Society have been working for weeks to make sure that their peonies will shine at exactly the right time.



Last but not least: the rose cannot be missing on Mother’s Day. Its beautiful fragrances and colours all convey their own, unique message. A pink rose, for example, symbolises admiration, gratitude and elegance. Words that could not be more suited to a mother (or mother figure).


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