Verdel and its certificates

In order to prove that a company is sustainable it is necessary to have a certificate. Verdel has three certificates: the MPS Florimark Trade certificate, Fairtrade certificate and the European Organic quality mark.

MPS Florimark Trade is a certificate that has the right components for the requirements of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative and Royal FloraHolland. This certificate is proof that a company is transparent. Verdel is honest and open about its trade and production.

Fairtrade is a quality mark that ensures that growers and workers in developing countries can work in the right working conditions, earn a salary that is necessary to support their families and that pays and covers their costs. Verdel trades Fairtrade products and hereby promotes its sustainable production.

Verdel has the European Organic quality mark. This indicates that Verdel is able to trade its flowers/plants which are grown organically. This implies, for example, that no harmful pesticides have been applied and that biological pest control and natural manure are applied.