Retail chains

Selling flowers and plants in a supermarket is not like running a flower shop. It’s about the right choice, but not too much choice, appealing display, low maintenance, fast throughput and high margins. Verdel has you covered.

Making impulse buying easier
and more profitable

Staying ahead of emerging trends. Timing the switch from one seasonal seller to the next. Seducing shoppers into buying flowers when that’s not on their minds. Verdel has been helping retailers grow their profits from cut flower and plant sales for over 40 years. We know your business and we have ideas. Concepts for a winning price-quality ratio. Advice on presentation. Ways to improve your turnover and earnings.

1; Fast and efficient supply

Working with Verdel is the easy way to shorten and streamline your supply chain. Fresher flowers and plants, delivered to your DCs faster. One address and account person for all your greenery, hardware and related gifts.

2; Add value with category management

We know all kinds of ways to grow and optimise sales. Talk to us about price strategies, assortment planning, FiFo codes and presentation options. You might be amazed.

3; Eliminate risk with the full-service concept

Go full-service for total peace of mind. We take care of the presentation, the flowers and plants and adjust the offer to reflect trends and seasons. You get a sales percentage, we assume the risks.

4; The full-service concept with Bart & Bastian

In January 2019, we introduced our own retail brand Bart & Bastian. This modern and personal brand is characterised by its uniform, high-quality, black packaging. The uniformity of the brand makes the arrangement of items on the shelf look better and makes it easier for the consumer to choose.

Want to know more?

We already work with many retailers under one of the above concepts. Would you like to know how? Get in touch and let’s explore how we can form a partnership that will make your flower and plant sales flourish.

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We commit to our partners. Our mission is to spread the joy of flowers and plants flowers by helping you earn a good return on their sale.

Knowledge and service

With over 40 years’ experience, we understand retail. We use this knowledge and responsive service to grow your flower and plant sales.

Retail concepts

We offer a choice of business models to suit you. From simple delivery to your DC, to delivery plus category management, to full service.

Concept development

Selling flowers and plants is about emotion. We can help you set the scene with shop-in-shop concepts, display furniture and POS materials.

You take care of the location, we take care of the rest.

Maaike Rodenburg Retail Coordinator at Verdel

Benefitting from each other’s expertise

We know you are occupied with all categories and flowers is only one of them. Let us do what we do best, selling flowers and plants attractively and profitably.